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5 YouTube Channels About Science That Teenagers Will Love

5 YouTube Channels About Science That Teenagers Will Love

Browsing the Internet and social media is mostly connected with wasting time and watching nonsense stuff. We tend to disagree. The Internet is full of useful content, but we admit that sometimes it is not easy to get to it. That is why we tried to narrow down the search for you. Here are five YouTube channels about science that teenagers around the world like to watch.

YouTube is an online video sharing platform and a place for everything and everyone. Whenever you have a dilemma on how to do something correctly, most likely, you’ll get advice: Have you tried looking that out on YouTube? You can find videos on many topics that are suitable for various ages, kids and teenagers included.

If you like watching YouTube videos, here are some channels that are fun and entertaining, but most importantly – educational. Teenagers can learn a lot of useful things, and some of them can actually help you with the school. For the first edition, we choose science-related channels that are suitable for teenagers. However, parents – be warned – it’s so fun, you might want to take a look, too.

Minute Physics

Minute Physics is an educational channel that covers topics related to physics. The author Henry Reich uses whiteboard animation, which is why his videos are captivating, and he also narrates them, so they are even more engaging. Videos are usually just a couple of minutes long, so you can watch them during the pause between studying, or while you are waiting for something or someone, or pretty much whenever you want.


AsapScience is another globally popular YouTube channel that explains a variety of topics through the lens of science. The authors Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown use colorful drawings, whiteboard animation, and voice-over narration to make their videos entertaining and easy to understand. As we have mentioned, they cover lots of topics, such as Health, Food, Tech, Nature, Body, Sleep – so we are sure you are going to find something interesting for yourself.

Mike Like Science

Mike from Mike Like Science is formerly known as Coma Niddy on YouTube, and even then, he created educational content suitable for teenagers. Now he covers some STEM-related topics, and he does so through songs. To be precise, he raps about them. And we are pretty sure you are going to love his way of teaching you Pythagorean theorem or computer science through nice and catchy rhymes.

Physics Girl

Dianna Cowern has a physics degree from MIT, and she loves sharing her passion for science on YouTube and uses it to educate young people who are interested in this topic. Her popular channel Physics Girl follows her adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and fantastic discoveries. We are sure her videos will spark your curiosity in science.


TED-Ed is an extension of popular TED – famous talks about technology, entertainment, and design. The Ed is short for education, and this YouTube channel covers a variety of topics, not just science, but we are sure you’ll find it interesting and useful. The videos are created by talented educators and animators. They grab your attention with visual, engaging, and educational storytelling.

What Is Your Favorite?

Spending time on YouTube doesn’t have to be useless. We shared with you just some of the smart and talented creators whose content is educational. If you haven’t watched these channels yet, we strongly recommend you do that. Allow these videos to spark your curiosity about science. What is your favorite YouTube educational channel?