What is Self-Paced Learning?

When you think of school class, a traditional classroom with a teacher in front of a group of students usually comes to mind. Although it’s still the most extended type of studying, the effectiveness of self-paced learning is taking a swing in this modern world of internet and online learning.  These are two very different … Read more

James Egozi, Sport World School Student and F4 driver

Our student James Egozi to make his debut in the F4 Spanish Championship

Sport World School student James Egozi, has reached an exciting milestone in his racing career by joining the prestigious Red Bull Junior Racing Team. The talented young driver is set to make his debut in the F4 Spanish Championship with Campos Racing, marking a significant step towards his dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver.

Let's Talk About It podcast about online schooling

Let’s Talk About It: Spanish Club at EduWW

Although we enroll students from all around the world, the majority of them are the ones who come from Spanish-speaking areas. Also, out of three additional languages, a student can choose from the list of electives – most of them choose Spanish. That is why the school started a Spanish club – run by one … Read more