Difference Between Homeschooling and Online Schooling

Difference Between Homeschooling and Online Schooling

Homeschooling and online schooling have a couple of things in common, which usually leads parents to believe that they are the same. However, they are quite different approaches to learning, but both allow students to learn from home. Sometimes that confuses parents, and they are unsure whether to apply to our international online school because their homeschooling is illegal in their home country. In this article, we are about to explain the difference between homeschooling and online schooling and show you how one can help with the other. Likewise, you will find out that studying at EduWW is legitimate regardless of where you live. 

In the past months, we could hear about an increased interest in homeschooling due to the Covid pandemic. Parents in Europe and Asia are especially prone to believe that simply because their child learns from their home’s safety and comfort — they are homeschooled. In reality, things are a little bit different. Homeschooling is not the same as distance learning and online schooling.

These different approaches to learning have similarities and differences, but they are not the same thing. Those who opt to homeschool their children can use the benefits of online and distance learning. But before we dive into that segment, let’s start from the beginning.  

Homeschooling Definition

Homeschooling is a less formal education that doesn’t require a student to come to the school. First of all, it is not a product of the new age, and it exists for centuries. Before education became compulsory, families schooled children at home. Homeschooling means that a child is educated in home conditions by parents, community members, or private tutors. 

This form of education originated in the UK and was spread across the Commonwealth countries. It also became popular in the US, and today it’s legalized in all American states. However, homeschooling varies from state to state in the US, and likewise, it differs in countries worldwide.  

Now you are probably wondering why would someone homeschool a child when they can go to school. The reasons are many, but in the present time, they mostly come done to the control a parent has over a child’s education. Traditional schooling carries many concerns for parents. How safe is the school environment, religious views, value system, and moral guidance are just some of them.

On the other side, some kids have trouble learning or have health problems. One of the reasons for homeschooling were hobbies and talents. Parents of some nowadays, famous athletes used to homeschool them. That way, young athletes had more time for sport.  Therefore, with homeschooling, the parent is the one who decides what their child learns and in what manner, tempo. Additionally, this gives parents a possibility to instill in a child’s education some values they nurtured in their upbringing. 

Is Homeschooling Legal? 

The legitimacy of homeschooling is different from country to country. For example, all US states allowed this form of education, yet homeschooling is interpreted and carried out differently in each of them. When it comes to the rest of the world, you will come across laws that say homeschooling is banned more often than not. 

We understand why that is so. Not many countries think parents or private tutors can teach a child properly. That is why each country has well-established laws about education at each level. With schools, they have absolute control over the knowledge that a child gets. Once the child is out of the school system, they can’t be sure about the quality of the knowledge a child receives. 

On the other side, you have countries that get the necessity and convenience of homeschooling. They allowed this form of education, but they did attach some rules. For instance, parents must use an approved and accredited curriculum to teach their children. That is why homeschooled students don’t have trouble transferring to a traditional school or applying to college or a university. 

Verify with the department of education in your country if this form of education is legal and under what conditions. Many countries explicitly state that homeschooling is illegal in their territory. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they won’t recognize the EduWW transcripts or a diploma. 

Homeschooling vs. Online Learning 

Now that we have explained what homeschooling is, it is time that we clarify why and how it is different from online schooling. One of the biggest benefits of online school is that children don’t have to go to school and learn from home. 

This form of education is possible, thanks to new technologies and the Internet. It is relatively new, and it exists for a couple of decades. Legitimate online schools use accredited and approved curriculum, ensuring the quality of the knowledge a student gets. EduWW is an international online school that uses an American international curriculum. The program we teach to students is fully accredited and recognized. It is used in traditional schools, as well. The major difference is in the way it’s delivered.

With online schooling, students don’t use books. Learning material is stored on our online learning platform. Most importantly, it is segmented to allow students at any age to learn individually, on their own. We do provide tutoring support when needed. Children learn from multimedia forms, and that content is closer to children nowadays. It is appealing and fun, and with them, learning becomes an engaging activity rather than a one-way process. 

Is Online Schooling Legal? 

Several things influence the legality of an online school. In the first place, the school must be officially registered. The second thing — it should use an accredited and approved curriculum. Education World Wide is registered in the Florida Board of Education. We use an accredited American international curriculum.

As a certified provider on an international level, we chose to deliver our schooling program via the Internet and make it available to children worldwide. Once a student finalizes the grade, they receive an education transcript like they would in traditional school. Upon graduation, our students receive an international high school diploma with an Apostille certificate. EduWW diploma originates in the US institutions, and it doesn’t say it was an online school. It’s the same high school diploma a student would receive in a regular American school. 

Documents issued by EduWW are recognized and accepted globally, and our students don’t have trouble transferring to regular or online schools or applying for universities. They are recognized as international students. Therefore, when considering applying to EduWW you shouldn’t look at whether your country recognizes homeschooling, but rather if they accept international students. In the majority of cases, the answer will be — yes. 

Read this article to find out the key differences between international and national high school diplomas. 

How Can Online School Help With Homeschooling? 

Let’s imagine for a moment that you want your child to learn from home for whatever reason. Homeschooling while working full time would be nearly impossible. That is why an online school is a better and more convenient option. Your child learns from home, but you are not obliged to be their teacher because the online learning platform and our tutors will do that instead. 

If you are a mom or dad who stays at home and wants to be more actively involved in their child’s education, our online curriculum can still help. Even better, you can use it in a couple of ways.

The first one is to enroll your child into our online school, but instead of using our tutors, you as a parent can impose the tempo of learning and use the curriculum to teach your child. A child doesn’t have to use the platform, you can adjust the program the way it suits you the best and teaches the way you want. The only time a child will have to use the platform is to do tests and quizzes. Students have to take them online, so the platform can measure their success and progress. 

This option is highly convenient. Just imagine, if sometimes you don’t have time for teaching, you can always rely on a platform, and your child can work on their own. Additionally, you can even ask our tutors for help. If you choose this option, you will pay the same tuition fee as our students and have all the benefits they do. Upon finalization of the grade, your child will receive a valid education transcript. 

The second option is to use our accredited curriculum as a homeschooling resource. You can read more about that option here

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the difference between homeschooling and online school, you can rest assured that EduWW education is recognized. Your child receives an excellent education and creates a perfect foundation for higher education programs. Our diploma is recognized globally and opens more opportunities for your child. At the same time, a child learns from home and has full flexibility to adjust the schooling days to personal needs. 

Parents can use our curriculum as a homeschooling material and adjust the education of their child the way they desire. You can discuss any of these options with our educational consultants. Send us an email to info@eduww.net to schedule a conversation with someone from the team. This informational talk is free and is not obligatory. Meaning that you won’t be obliged to enroll a child after the conversation, and it simply serves to provide you with information.