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Webinar (VIDEO) – What difference does an online school make

In the last week of May we held a webinar with the subject: What difference does an online school make. In case you missed the webinar for whatever reason, you can rewatch it on our YouTube channel.

Our education consultants Alexandra Alon and Mary Joksimovich talked about the benefits and advantages that Education World Wide offers to students under the age of 18.  From a flexible learning approach and self-paced learning to a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate online platform that encourages learning, a high-quality program, and internationally recognized diploma – Education World Wide is a secure path for every student. 

Enjoy watching our webinar, and if you have anything to ask about our online school or would like to schedule a consultation with our education consultant, you can always write to us at info@eduww.net.

Our next webinar will be held sometime in June. We will inform you about the correct date promptly. This time we will be talking about EduWW high school elective departments and dual enrolments, which enables students to get into the desired college.