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Summers are for having fun and enjoying the sun and nice weather. However, it would be wise to incorporate educational content in your child’s daily summer routine. It’s good that something tickles their curiosity and prompts them to learn even when there is no school officially. Learning through entertaining and interactive material is probably the best way to inspire a child’s desire to learn. That is why SPARK Summer courses might be just the right thing for you and your child. 

What Is SPARK?

SPARK is a video-rich program with instructional materials and assessment tools that provides children with knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. It consists of two courses – English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, and they both allow an individualized approach to learning. SPARK courses are structured and designed cleverly. They rely on the child’s current skills and provide them with just the right content for improving those skills and learning further, simultaneously building the foundation of their learning habits and methods. 

Each course consists of 17 to 25 units, and each unit has a pre-test, a lesson, and a post-test. Pre-test and post-test are virtually the same, and they are aimed to show how much a child has learned during the lesson. In other words, it is easy to measure the performance of each student. SPARK units cover different state standards in the above-mentioned subjects, and units have a particular structure. 

It all begins with the introduction to the topic or subject of the unit, and vocabulary associated with it. A student learns all the terms relevant to that specific subject. As it turned out, most of the time, students have trouble understanding something, because they are not familiar with basic terms. The goal of this introduction is to make sure that each student understands what the lesson is about. 

Further, the program gives direct instructions and puts into action what students have learned during the introduction. It shows them how it works. The third element is quite dynamic because it provides learning activities and guided practice that enables students to practice what they have learned. 

Units end with the opportunity for a student to show what they have learned in a particular lesson. They do so by solving problem sets put in front of them. For example, for ELA courses, a student will have to read a passage from the text or recognize the text’s details. When it comes to Math, a set consists of assignments through which a student demonstrates that they have mastered the lesson’s concept.

EduWW Online Courses for Kids
EduWW Online Courses for Kids
EduWW Online Courses for Kids

Who Is This Program For?

EduWW offers SPARK summer courses for different age categories.

SPARK K (Age 5-6)

This program is meant for kindergarteners, which means for children who are at five of six years old. English Language Arts course teaches them some basics about stories and storytelling, with a focus on how to listening. They will also learn unknown words, how illustrations relate to the story and similar elements. In Math course, kids learn how to count to 100, write numbers, recognize shapes, as well as basics of mathematics suitable for their age. 

SPARK 1 (Age 6-7)

Suitable for preschoolers or children who are in the first grade of Elementary School. At ELA course, they learn about telling stories, and finding key details, as well as identifying the main topic of a story, types of texts, text features, all the way to phonics, and word recognition. When it comes to Math, a student learns addition and subtraction as well as other basic mathematical operations, telling and writing time, shapes, etc. 

SPARK 2 (Age 8)

This course is meant for students who are at the level of the second grade of Elementary school. English Language Arts guides them through characters in the story, words, and phrases in literary forms, story structure, and similar topics. While at Math, they learn about odd numbers, counting within 1000, different measurements, gathering, and showing data among some other units. 

SPARK 3 (Age 9)

This program is designed for students who are at the level of a third grade. Through ELA, they will go through figuring out a message in a story, analyzing characters and events,s figuring out a point of view, connecting events, ideas, and shapes. Math, on the other hand, teaches them multiplications and divides within 100, identifying and explaining arithmetic patents, and measuring and estimating volumes and masses, among other lessons. 

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How Does SPARK Summer Courses Work?

SPARK is an online program. After signing up for a course, we would open the profile of a child on our platform, and they will be able to access the course. Each student learns at their own pace, and for as long as they want. If they feel they would like to do only one lesson per day, that is entirely ok. 

These courses are designed so that children of a specific age can easily understand them on their own. However, that depends on the age of a child. Mainly young students might not be able to do the program entirely on their own. EduWW provides teaching support. Our teachers will guide both parents and students through the platform. They will introduce them to courses and explain how everything works. Although we can continue to provide teaching support on demand during the course, we suggest that a parent is present.

SPARK Summer Courses Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is 300$ per month. It includes 24/7 access to our online learning platform and complete course materials, required instructions and introduction of the platform and program, and teaching support on demand. 

EduWW gives parents and students flexibility when it comes to this program. If you want, your child can only attend SPARK during summer months, or they can continue even after the summer is over if they didn’t finalize the entire course. The tuition fee will remain the same. 

After finalizing the SPARK program, a child gets a certificate. One other thing that, as a parent, you should know, is that after completing SPARK 1 and SPARK 2, a child can proceed to the third grade of EduWW online elementary school. 

How to Apply? 

To apply for the SPARK summer courses, please send us an email to Our education consultants ss will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible and provide you with further steps. That will also be an opportunity for you to ask them any additional questions you might have about this program. 

SPARK courses are an excellent choice for improving a student’s skills and getting them ready to move into higher grades. Moreover, the program is interactive and it engages students. They are learning in a fun and creative way, which literally sparks their desire to learn and to know more.