One on One Teaching Support: All You Need to Know

One on One Teaching Support: All You Need to Know

Education World Wide is an online school, and the process of learning happens online. Although most of the time, students learn on their own, they can always count on the teacher’s support. EduWW provides teaching support on a student’s demand – in the form of online classes or consultations with the dedicated tutor. Additionally, students can contact a teacher via a Messaging box inside the online learning platform.

One of the most significant differences between regular and online schools is the learning environment. Instead of the classroom, you have an online learning platform. Instead of teacher and 45 minutes long classes, students at online school learn at their own pace, and mostly on their own. That, however, doesn’t mean that they learn alone all the time. EduWW provides live teaching support for its student, but it is on their demand.

Meeting the Teacher

Upon enrolling at EduWW a student (and parents) have an online meeting with our education consultant and a teacher. While an education consultant will present you the platform and show you how it works, the teacher will introduce you with the material and explain how your day-to-day online learning will look like.

A teacher is always following your work on the platform, and they will unlock new assignments for you, after finalizing the ones that you already have. Especially if a student is transferring from regular school, and is new to the online learning environment, a teacher helps them create a learning plan and establish a tempo of learning.

For all your future questions regarding school or material and learning, the assigned teacher will be the first person a student should contact. Teachers also create a timely review of a student’s work and inform parents about it.

Contact a Teacher via the Platform

Our online learning platform is easy to navigate an environment that inspires learning. The curriculum consists of fun and interactive elements, all of which keep students’ attention and make learning easier. The platform has several features that can significantly help the student understand a particular lesson or the part of it. Yet, students can contact a teacher via Messaging box on the platform. They can directly send them a question, asking them to explain what they don’t understand. A teacher will reply as soon as possible. This form of support is available 24/7, like the platform itself.

This form of communication with a teacher is the one our students usually use the most. That is because students are generally shy in the beginning. But later, they use it because it’s quick and more accessible and doesn’t require third-party tools. It is available to them directly from the platform.

One on One Live Teaching Support

Aside from communicating with the teacher via messages, a student can also ask for live support. They can schedule live classes with a teacher. In such a case, we organize the class via Skype, Zoom, or some similar program. Live teaching support is available from Monday to Friday, two hours per day.

It will be necessary for a student to schedule support in advance. Each of our teachers uses a particular program for scheduling the classes. Therefore each student will get a link on which they can arrange a class with a teacher. We are trying to find common ground and organize the classes when it works the best for both a student and a teacher.

A student can request live classes throughout the entire grade, or occasionally. In any case, they must respect the said date and time and show up for the online session. Naturally, it is possible to cancel or reschedule an online class, but at least 24 hours in advance. If a student doesn’t show up for a scheduled online class more than once, a teacher will inform the parent, and the school will issue a fine. Likewise, a teacher can suggest how often a student should have a live class, based on their progress.

One on one teaching support has special benefits for students because they work directly with the teacher. There are no other kids, and the undivided attention of a teacher is focused on one student. That gives a student a perfect chance to freely ask the teacher everything, and on the other side, a teacher has enough time to provide the student with an explanation they will understand.

Teacher as a Guide

Some students don’t have to request the constant live teaching support but just ask for occasional consultations with a teacher. A teacher can guide them regarding creating individual learning plans or establishing a particular tempo of learning. That is the possibility mostly used by high school students. They are usually able to learn everything on their own, but occasional consultations with a teacher help them stay on track with the material.

In case a student has to be absent from a school for a certain period, they should inform a teacher about it. A teacher will then stop all the assignments on the platform, and once a student gets back, they can continue. When that happens, a student and a teacher will devise the best plan for a student to catch up with the materials without overburdening themselves.

Do You Pay Extra for the Teacher’s Support?

That is one of the most common questions parents ask us. The answer is no, and you don’t have to pay extra for the teacher’s support. It is included in the original tuition fee. Speaking of payments, we also have to mention that all our services are covered with the tuition fee, and we don’t impose any additional costs on parents (or students).

If you are curious to start your schooling with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always reach us via email and our education consultants will take it from there. EduWW has open enrollment throughout the entire year, and you don’t have to wait for September to apply.