K12 Electives

Online Elective Courses

Our students can take additional electives that can vastly improve their knowledge, and help them achieve college-level academic skills. Test Prep & AP courses, College planner courses, or foreign language courses (Spanish and French) are just some of our additional electives. We also provide specific courses in Fine Arts and Psychology.

Advanced Placement courses

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AP® Advanced Placement courses are a full-year, high school credit course that is intended for the student who has successfully mastered a minimum of four high school level core courses that cover analytical and conceptual knowledge.

It is highly recommended that the student successfully complete pre-courses as a prerequisite.

The AP courses primarily focuses on the skills and methods of analyzing , the definition and meaning in each segment of the course.

Electives (Grade)
AP COURSES Calculus (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
Comparative Government & Politics (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
English Language & Composition (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
Human Geography (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
Macroeconomics (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
U.S. Government & Politics (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
U.S. History (for use with AP* Courses) 9-12
ACT Test Prep, GED test prep, HiSET test prep, TASC test prep

ACT Test Prep, GED test prep, HiSET test prep, TASC test prep

Students need to prepare correctly for the upcoming exams and to be ready for what is coming. This is Why Education World Wide developed the list of prep courses for students to choose from and to fulfill their ambitions with their further applications.
Scores from the ACT and SAT are the current measure for student acceptance for many U.S. colleges and universities. In recent years, admissions policies have started including other student records and talents in more of a holistic application process.

ACT Test Prep 9-12
GED Test Prep 9-12
HiSET Test Prep 9-12
TASC Test Prep 9-12

Foreign Language electives

If you have a passion for languages and language arts, & if you would like to found out more about foreign cultures, learning the language is the best way. We are one of the few online learning platforms where you can learn Spanish and French as an elective modules.

French I 9-12
French II 9-12
Spanish I 9-12
Spanish II 9-12
Spanish III 9-12
Foreign Language electives

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