How To Sign Up For Online School?

If you have firmly decided to enroll your child into an online school, there are just a few steps to complete the application and enrollment process. Education World Wide tries to make enrollment into our online school as smooth as possible. In most cases, everything can be completed within 48 hours. Here are what documents we need and why you need to provide them, so you can sign up your child for an online school. 

To sign up for an online school, you need to send us scanned copies of the following documents: 

  • Student’s passport (or other ID)
  • Student’s latest educational transcript 

Upon receiving these documents, our educational consultant will follow up with the Enrollment Form and, later on, the Learning Contract and the Tuition Fee Agreement. You will have to fill in and sign these documents. 

Why Do You Need to Provide a Child’s Passport to Sign Up For Online School?  

Many families are confused that EduWW requests a student’s passport as an application document. Why would we need this document if we are an online school, and our students do not have to cross any border to follow the school? They can do it from the comfort of their home. We are asking for the passport, or any other ID document, to officially confirm the identity of our future students. 

As a school, we need to have some personal data about the student to register them for a specific grade. Full name, date of birth, place of birth, etc. If the child does not possess a passport, any other identification document will do the job. Once we get this date, our Administration office can successfully complete the registration and enrollment of your child in Education World Wide. We are an officially registered school, written in the Florida Department of Education (FLODE). Therefore, your child’s education with us is regulated under the rules and laws imposed by the FLDOE. 

Submitting the Latest Educational Transcript 

The second document we ask for is the academic transcript or educational transcript, sometimes known as a school certificate or report card. The name of the document varies from country to country. It is the document that your child receives at the end of the grade, and it confirms that they have successfully finalized the previous grade. 

Why do we need this document? Well, precisely for the reason mentioned above. The Academic Board of our school needs a confirmation that a student has successfully passed a particular grade before enrolling them in the next one. The academic transcript is not necessary if you sign up for grade 1 of elementary school. 

If your child does not have an educational transcript, it does not impose a problem for the enrollment. You can still sign up for an online school, but we will have to impose a different procedure to determine the right grade for the students. In these cases, our Academic Board usually suggests the Placement program – a series of pretests that determines a student’s current level of knowledge. The results of the tests tell us if the student will be able to follow the program for the grade they apply. 

When Can You Sign Up For Online School?

Education World Wide has open enrollment throughout the entire year, meaning that you can sign up for online school. Once you send us the documents, our consultant will reach out to you within 24 hours. The entire process can be finalized in 48 hours, but it also depends on how fast you are corresponding with our team. 

One more thing to keep in mind is that our consultants are always available to you. If you have any doubts or questions regarding online schooling, you can always ask them, and they will reply to you asap. They will guide you through the application and enrollment process and throughout the grade. 

Sign Up For Online School Now 

Signing up for an online school is fast and easy. Education World Wide does not impose any strict requirements. We are open to international students who study under the same conditions as US natives. The school provides an online schooling program for elementary, middle, and high school. Or in other words, we cover grades 1 to 12. 

The only two documents you have to provide us when applying for your child are scanned copies of their passport and the latest transcript. If you are curious to learn more about online schooling in Education World Wide or program for a particular grade, we suggest that you book a meeting with one of our consultants. If all is clear to you – proceed to the application. You can sign up by filling out this form on our website or sending us the required documents to