EduWW Online Business Academy
Accredited Qualifications

Your journey with Education World Wide doesn’t have to stop after you graduate from our online high school. We can take you on an equally exciting and unique online journey through higher education, as well. EduWW Online Business Academy provides fully accredited Business and IT studies.

Study the best UK academic programs delivered through Level Qualifications, or full Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Take advantage of full flexibility, self-paced learning, and other online studying benefits to gain valuable knowledge and acquire skills that will significantly improve your employability and boost your career.

All programs at Online Business Academy are following the United Kingdom higher education standards, which means that our programs are regulated by OFQUAL and accredited by the ATHE. Additionally, we work under RQF and EQF. That ensures our programs’ legitimacy and the validity and recognition of Diplomas or Degrees that students acquire through Online Business Academy.