For Young Creatives Who Believe That Communication Is a Ticket to Success

For Young Creatives Who Believe That Communication Is a Ticket to Success

We wanted to start with a quote about communication, but there are so many of them. All of them were excellent, so we couldn’t decide on just one. Communication is everything. And when we say that we don’t necessarily mean only speaking. All of the things that we do to express ourselves are a form of communicating with others. Through them, we are sending a message to someone. For high school students who are leaning towards their creative side, EduWW has just the right thing. Arts, Technology & Communication is one out of 13 elective departments that our high school students can choose.

Being an excellent communicator is a useful skill to possess, especially in this day and age. The way we communicate can determine our personal and professional success. The best thing about communication is that it doesn’t have to be just with words. We can express ourselves in various ways, and that is where creativity kicks in.

Creative industries offer so many opportunities and career paths. Advertising and marketing, publishing, theatre, film industry, art, and design departments are just some of them. Although the employment in this field is less structured and formal, the high level of competition is required.

Students who are considering a career in these fields can get a solid foundation while they are in high school. Arts, Technology, and Communication department is for young creatives who would like to study digital, performing or visual arts, technology, or journalism.

Arts, Technology and Communication Department

At each high school grade, EduWW students choose two elective subjects based on their interests. Arts, Technology, and Communication is just one out of 13 elective departments that our high schoolers can choose. Through these online classes, you will learn the specifics about a broad spectrum of professional positions in these industries. You will get an insight into how things worked in the past, and what is the current state in these industries. Additionally, students will get a glimpse into what the future holds for these industries.

Our program introduces a student with the terminology used in the industry, technology, work environment, job outlook, and guiding principles. This educational material can help students to opt for their future career paths after graduating. Many of them will go to college, and maybe one of these departments can point them in the right direction. Some professional positions that industry includes are fine artists, telecommunications administrators, magazine editors, broadcast journalists, but also computer graphics artists.

After the student successfully finalizes units in this department, they will have a course project and an exam. The exams will test what they learned and whether or not they understood the material. On the other side, the project will give them the chance to explore their dream job deeper and to express themselves.

Ready for the Future

Our elective departments help students explore their interests, and choose their future careers. They learn about things they are curious about. It helps them to form an idea about what they would like to do in life. Needless to say that once they proceed to a college, they will follow the academic material easier, because they will be familiar with the terminology.

In one of our previous articles, we introduced you to the Architecture and Construction elective department. We will present to you other departments in the future as well. In the meantime, you can read the short overview here.

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