Enroll in Online Bachelor’s Studies in Business, and Get a Full Scholarship for Master’s

OBA Special offer

EduWW Online Business Academy has a limited time special offer. All students who enroll in an online Bachelor’s study program in Business Management by January 31st, 2021, will receive a full scholarship for an online Master’s. 

Education World Wide is an end-to-end provider of online education in case some of you still don’t know. While EduWW covers elementary, middle, and high school, our Online Business Academy offers higher education programs in Business Management and IT & Computing. 

Another difference is that we provide UK academic programs at Online Business Academy, and, likewise, they are all fully accredited and certified. You can opt for Level Qualifications – check here to see what they are, or you can choose full BA and MBA study programs from some of the best British universities. Academic programs at Online Business Academy have quite an affordable tuition fee, way lower than at on-campus universities.

Like it’s the case with EduWW, Online Business Academy also delivers its program entirely online, meaning that they are available to students globally. Students get to enjoy the flexibility and take the maximum out of individual, self-paced learning. As we have mentioned, we are a fully accredited provider, which means that students receive a Diploma or a Degree (depending on the program they took). And, of course, it is recognized and accepted worldwide. 

Tell Me About This Special Offer

Online Business Academy decided to do a nice thing for all young business enthusiasts age 18 or older. Everyone who enrolls in an online Bachelor’s in Business Management program will receive a full scholarship for an online Master’s in Business Administration. If you are planning to kickstart your career in business, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Having a BA degree will certainly improve your employability, but getting a Master’s Honours Degree will turn you into a young business leader. 

We suppose you have a lot of questions, so head over to the Online Business Academy website and explore details about this special offer – or just click on this big button below.

In case you have a question, you can write to our colleagues at info@online-business-academy.eu or on their Facebook Page. Ultimately, if you feel more comfortable with us, you can drop us an email at info@eduww.net, and we’ll appoint you in the right direction. 

We will mention once again — this offer lasts only until January 31st, 2021, so don’t ponder this too long. #DARETOKNOW and skyrocket your career with a Master Honours Degree in Business Management. If you know someone who has graduated from high school and looking to enroll in business studies, tell them about this offer. #sharingiscaring