Education World Wide – Your Online School for the 21st Century

Education World Wide – Your Online School for the 21st Century

Education World Wide (EduWW) is a renowned international online school based in Florida and globally available to students. We educate children from elementary to high school through an accredited K12 program that meets high US standards. A combination of the excellent school curriculum, specific learning methodology, and online schooling flexibility enables students to experience a different kind of education. The one that best suits their needs. With EduWW, students gain valuable knowledge, develop personal interests, and acquire practical skills that turn them into smart and curious young individuals ready for college. 

Education World Wide headquarters are in Florida (US), and we are registered as a private international school in the Florida Department of Education. That institution guarantees the validity of our educational transcripts and a high school diploma. Aside from that, we use the accredited curriculum of which we will write later in this article. By taking advantage of the Internet and modern technologies, we are bringing high-quality education to international students. 

In recent times online education for kids has gained popularity in all parts of the world. This form of learning brings something new to the table and shatters the monotony of traditional schooling.  Online school activities are a bit different from regular school. Students have more freedom and flexibility since they decide when the school-day starts and when it ends. Traditional books and notebooks are replaced with computer and interactive multimedia elements that turn classic learning into discovering new things. 

Online students have virtually the same progression to college opportunities as their peers from traditional schools. Yet our international diploma enables them to apply to a range of colleges and universities globally. Discover the difference that EduWW brings by exploring the interactive map below. 

Easy to Use Online School Platform

At EduWW, students don’t need books because all learning materials are stored at an online learning platform. It is a virtual environment to which our students can access 24/7 and learn whenever they want. Each student has a profile on the platform. Aside from learning material, the online school platform contains information about the student’s progress. 

Learning management systems that EduWW uses are easy to navigate, and students don’t have trouble getting around the platform. Learning material is presented through text lessons, audio lessons, pre-recorded videos, essays, tests, and quizzes. All these interactive elements make sure that students learn successfully on their own. Additionally, the platform has extra features that help students during learning. 

Students can access the platform via a computer, laptop, or tablet. EduWW uses two Learning Management Systems — Ignitia and Odysseyware. Cognia has accredited both of them, and one of them is also approved as a resource suitable for schooling children with autismOnline school curriculum and platforms for learning are also suitable as a homeschooling resource for parents who want to educate their children personally. 

Online School For Kids at Elementary, Middle, and High School

Accredited Online Program

We use a curriculum that holds the accreditation of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). It is an American curriculum that is suited for international students. Through these programs, our students gain high-quality knowledge and develop a solid foundation of knowledge that enables them to continue with higher education. 

Students have four core subjects at each grade and up to two electives that they choose from a wide range of electives that we offer. The main subjects are based around the English language, Mathematics, Science, History, and Geography, while electives vary depending on the child’s grade. Yet they cover a wide array of fields and truly suit any particular interest of a student. 

We have mentioned that at EduWW, students mostly learn on their own. However, live online classes are also available. A student can schedule a tutoring session that can last up to two hours per day. Online school classes are done via Skype, Zoom, or some similar platform. Let us give you a brief overview of the program for each school.

Online Elementary School

According to the US educational system that we follow, the elementary school program starts from the third grade. For grades one and two, we provide the SPARK program, which aims to teach children the fundamentals of English Language Arts and Mathematics suitable for their age. In third and fourth grade, besides regular subjects that we have mentioned before, students are introduced to foreign languages and other electives. 

Keeping the attention of such young students in an online environment is sometimes challenging. However, fun, creative, and interactive elements on our learning platform do the perfect job. The knowledge they gain during these years prepares them for higher grades. The knowledge they gain during these years prepares them for higher grades. Check the list of elementary school courses here

Online Middle School

The middle school curriculum gives online students more extensive knowledge of core subjects and introduces them to new electives. Through a set of elective subjects, the program aims to spark students’ hidden talents and interests. In other words, it points them towards more specific areas they are interested in. Explore middle school courses here.

Online High School

At our virtual high school, students begin their final preparation for the college or a university. They get extensive knowledge of core subjects, and they choose one of many elective departments. Each department represents a certain field, a potential industry in which a student one day might work. Through elective departments, they get familiar with areas that they would like to study in college. See the list of high school courses and departments.

Discover online school benefits with EduWW

Benefits Of Online Learning for Students

EduWW online school has multiple benefits for students. First of all, they get to enjoy full flexibility. They can learn from the comfort of their home without going to a specific location. The physical place does not bound children who study virtually. They can take the school with them while traveling, for example.

Secondly, students don’t have strict timetables. They learn wherever and whenever they want. The same goes for the length of online studying, although we do recommend that they learn at least two hours per day. In other words, EduWW students adjust the school to their needs, not the other way around. That kind of approach in online education gives them plenty of time for hobbies. For example, some students take acting classes, others are more into dancing or play sports, modern times create young bloggers or YouTubers. EduWW enables them to follow their dreams without losing the quality of education. 

Alongside these benefits, EduWW has developed a unique online learning methodology that makes things easier for our students. We try not to overburden them with materials but rather to ensure that they learn gradually. Each student learns on their own tempo. They don’t depend on other students. This methodological approach has proven to be useful for both children who are fast learners and those who need a bit more extra time. The ultimate goal is acquiring knowledge, not the speed at which they managed to do that. 

EduWW offers virtual live classes

Online School Enrollments Open Year Round

We have already mentioned that EduWW doesn’t follow the regular school calendar. Online school admissions are open throughout the entire year. You can apply at any time during the year and shape the school year to your own needs. We made the application process as fast and simple as possible. You can apply to EduWW by filling out the form on our website or by sending us the required documents to email 

Documents we need: 

  • Scanned copy of the most recent Education Transcript 
  • Scanned copy of a student’s passport or other valid ID
  • Completed and signed Enrollment Form (which a student receives from the school)

EduWW team tries to finalize the application and enrollment process as soon as possible. In the best-case scenario, it doesn’t last for more than 48 hours to complete this process. 

As an international online school, we accept students from the entire world. Yet, educational systems vary from country to country. To make sure that students who are coming from systems that are vastly different from the US and UK curriculum, are going to be able to follow EduWW program, we put them through the Placement program. It is a set of pretests to determine their starting point at our school. 

It is also possible to transfer to our online school in the middle of the year. In that case, we don’t oblige a student to start the grade from the beginning. We will recognize their previous achievements and enable them to continue where they left off in a previous school. In the case of middle year transferring, we will initiate the Credit Transfer program (CRx mode) to determine what parts of the curriculum a student has mastered in the previous school. 

All Included Tuition Fee

Services and programs of the Education World Wide come with a tuition fee. Yet, this online school fee is affordable and includes the whole package. In other words, we don’t impose any extra costs for students and parents. The school fee per grade is $3000, and it can be paid in several ways. Parents may opt to pay the full amount at once or in up to 10 monthly installments. 

Online School Fee Includes 

  • 24/7 access to the platform for virtual learning
  • Complete material for learning
  • Live online classes and tutoring support on-demand
  • Timely review of a students progress and consultations
  • Education transcripts at the end of the grade (upon parents request)
  • A high school diploma upon graduation, with an Apostille certificate 

Online school curriculum provides students with high quality knowledge

International Diploma and College Opportunities

Upon graduation from EduWW high school, students will receive an international diploma. The diploma originates in Florida since we are registered in that American state. However, they will receive it with the attached Apostille certificate, a document that confirms the validity of the original document globally. The document doesn’t say that students finalize the school online, via distance learning

EduWW high school diploma is equal in value to a diploma from any other international school. It is accepted and recognized in the entire world. With our diploma, a student can apply to most colleges and universities in their home country or elsewhere in the world.  Here you can read more about progression to college and options.

Get international diploma that is recognized worldwide

Get in Touch 

We have introduced you to Education World Wide, a certified international online education provider for K12 programs. Yet, one article is not enough to explain all particularities of this form of education. Online education is a novelty for many parents and students, but we already have a well-established system, as you could conclude from our article. Each student creates an individual learning plan and shapes the schooling to its own needs. They learn mostly on their own, yet we provide online classes with a tutor. 

In conclusion, students receive the same quality of education through virtual learning as they would in brick and mortar school. However, our methodology gives them more freedom. It enables them to approach learning from a different angle, the one that is closer to children who are growing up in a digital era. Moreover, online school benefits are many. Besides a high-quality curriculum, our diploma enables them to proceed to higher education without problems. 

We are aware that your child’s education is one of the most important aspects, and you have to think about it thoroughly. If you are still not sure that this form of education is suitable for your child, or you have some doubts and questions, get in touch. We would be glad to talk with you and answer any inquiries you might have. You can reach out to us via phone at +1 561-404-4557 or schedule a free consultation with one of our educational consultants by sending an email to