Three Good Reasons to Choose Education World Wide as Your Online School

Education World Wide online learning

Education World Wide is an online platform that provides online schooling for kids in elementary, middle, and high school. Online school is an excellent choice for children who, for whatever reason, can’t attend regular school. In this article, we are going to single out three very good reasons why you should enroll in EduWW.

The Flexibility of Learning at Education World Wide

The flexibility is probably one of the biggest reasons why parents and children choose online schools. As a platform that provides such a form of schooling, we can present many more reasons why you should study online, but let’s stick with this one for now. So, flexibility usually refers to the fact that you can organize your time the way you want and fit school where or better to say when you want. In other words, you don’t have to be “at school” at a particular time and stay there for several hours, like in regular school.

With online school, you can sign up to the platform whenever you want, and spend on it the amount of time you think it’s enough. According to the experience of the current EduWW students, they spend at least two hours a day on our platform. For most of them, it is enough time for learning to keep up with lessons and other learning materials. That doesn’t mean that a particular time frame will work for you, maybe you’ll need more, perhaps you’ll need less. It’s individual.

Whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner, the flexibility of online school work in your favor. You don’t have to be stuck waiting for others, nor you don’t have to feel bad because you need a bit of extra time to understand a particular topic. Also, if for whatever reason you can’t attend your online school one day or even a whole week, it is much easier to catch up with missed lessons. After all, you are the master of your own time.

Bonus Benefit

Online schooling teaches children how to manage their time better, and does so in a non-intrusive way. It’s a valuable skill that will make their life easier when they grow up and go to college or get a job.

The Unique Online Learning Methodology

What makes EduWW different then the majority of online schooling platforms is our unique learning methodology. In short, we took the best from the US and the UK schooling systems, and combine it into our method. We segmented the program for each grade, so students are not overwhelmed with lessons. Although the entire process of learning is online, between a student and a platform, we do provide one on one sessions with teachers in case a student doesn’t understand a particular subject or simply needs assistance.

The entire material is sorted on a single online learning platform – an environment that encourages learning. With this unique learning methodology, we can individualize course plans, so they meet the individual needs of our students. Each grade consists of  4 core subjects and in higher grades, students also choose 2 electives.  When it comes to electives, high school students can choose between 13 departments based on their personal interests.

Bonus Benefit

Elective courses at EduWW can help children to develop personal ambitions. It is particularly useful in high school, after which they choose a college or university. This form of learning enables students to get the required knowledge and practical skills in areas that they like the most.

Education World Wide Diploma Opens the Doors

The EduWW diploma has the same academic value as a diploma in a regular, international school. That means that you’ll have no trouble going to a different school, college, or university. As a matter of fact, our diploma is recognized and accepted worldwide, meaning that you can continue education anywhere in the world. Here you can read more about our accreditations. After each grade, a student receives education transcript, a document that enables them to continue their schooling at regular school, or at some other online school. When a student graduates from high school they get a diploma with an Apostille certificate which additionally ensures the validity of that document. On this page, you can see what are progression to college options for our students.

Bonus Benefit

The EduWW also provides Dual Enrollment – a special offer for high school students. Dual Enrollment includes 12th grade of high school and a Level 3 in Business.

If you have any question regarding online schooling at EduWW feel free to contact us, we’ll be glad to help any way that we can. You can send us an email at, our education consultant can explain everything you want to know. If you consider applying, here is the application page.

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