Guide Through Education World Wide Elective Departments and Online Classes

Guide Through Education World Wide Elective Departments and Online Classes

Beside main courses, Education World Wide students can also choose at least two electives per grade. Our online curriculum has more than 90 electives that can significantly improve the knowledge of a student, help them gain desirable skills for college, and prepare them for the industry in which they can find a job. To make it easier for our students to choose electives they like, we sorted them out in different departments. In this article, we are going to guide you through elective departments and introduce you to online classes they include.

Education World Wide online curriculum has four core subjects for each grade in elementary, middle, and high school. Our core subjects are following the STEM curriculum. But we also offer elective online courses, and each student can pick electives per grade.

EduWW Elementary School Departments and Online Classes

In elementary school, we teach students the basics through four main subjects. However, we allow them to choose between several electives. We are one of the rare online schools where students can study foreign languages. Our elementary school students can choose between two foreign languages and a health quest class. For detailed information, please visit the Elementary School online courses page.

EduWW Middle School Departments and Online Classes

At EduWW middle school classes allow a smooth transition from elementary school. Students will still have four core subjects based on STEM, and as electives, we offer Career Exploration online courses. Through four Career Exploration classes, children can take a look into different areas and job industries. In other words, these classes help students develop personal interests, discover what industry suits them best, and in which area they could work one day. After these electives, our students can easily decide what elective department to choose once they proceed to online high school. To find out more, please visit the Middle School online courses page.

EduWW High School Departments and Online Classes

EduWW program for online high school helps students to acquire and improve practical skills. It is done through core subjects and an array of elective departments. Each elective department has several online classes that give students a broader knowledge about a particular industry. Also, students develop academic skills that can help them at college. Choosing the elective department and additional online classes can be of crucial importance. Career Exploration courses that they had at online middle school should help them make a choice easier. Still, we encourage you to explore each department thoroughly. You can do that at the High School online courses page.

Unique Online Education Journey

Our online K12 program gives children high-quality knowledge and helps them get the required skills for the future. It is a roundup process from elementary to high school that allows students to discover their personal interests and focus them on an area in which they would like to build a career and improve themselves. So, whether your child plans to continue to college or to find a job, Education World Wide online schooling platform gives them the necessary qualifications in terms of knowledge and skills.

Once again, we invite you to explore our core and elective subjects and feel free to ask for details. You can send us an email at, and our education consultant will get back at you shortly with information.

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