Dual Enrollment – for High Schoolers Interested in Business

Dual Enrollment - for High Schoolers Interested in Business

A digital era took the world by storm and industries worldwide started to change. The Internet and new technologies have influenced almost every aspect of our lives, and they opened some new opportunities. Online education is one of those things that are possible thanks to the Internet.

With new technologies came new challenges, and as it turned out, only capable and versatile businessmen and businesswomen managed to stay on top of the game. Naturally, that changed the way young people perceive the business industry. In the last decade, we are witnessing the rise in popularity of entrepreneurship, startups, and business in general.

Many high schoolers are considering business studies after graduation. Business is not just an industry. It’s a skill and a mindset that is useful to have regardless of the area you are working in. You can be an artist, but knowing how to do business will help you sell your artwork. You can be an athlete, but having a business mindset will undoubtedly help you in a career, perhaps with sponsorship deals, or something similar.

By following the interest of young students across the globe, and their curiosity about business, EduWW created a special offer. Dual Enrollment enables our high school students, that alongside 12th grade, follow Level 3 in the Business and Management course.

What Is Level 3?

Level 3 in Business and Management is an entry-level university program that gives students the basics. After completing this program, a student will gain the required knowledge and qualifications to enter university or college business studies. The ATHE and Ofqual regulate level 3.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is a non-ministerial government department in charge of regulating qualifications, exams and tests in England and Northern Ireland. The Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) is a global awarding body regulated by Ofqual and the other UK and international regulators. The accreditation of these two bodies is a sort of seal of approval of the program.

What Benefits Does a Student Get?

After completing dual enrollment, a student will get EduWW High School diploma plus Level 3 diploma. While a high school diploma bears regular high school 21 credits, Level 3 diploma carries 120 academic credits. EduWW high school diploma originates in Florida since we are a Florida-based school. The document comes with an Apostille certificate that ensures the validity of a diploma anywhere in the world.

Level 3 is a UK program, and the ATHE issues the diploma. So a student with a Level 3 diploma can get into the majority of UK universities that provide business studies. Additionally, this diploma is recognized all across Europe and Asia, and even at some US universities.

To conclude, combined, these two diplomas can significantly boost a student’s chances of getting to business study programs anywhere in the world. More importantly, through Level 3, students get the knowledge that creates the perfect foundation in understanding more demanding academic programs.

Contact Us for More Details

If you are a high schooler who plans on building a career in business or a parent of a high schooler with such ambitions, the Dual Enrollment program might be just the right thing for you. You can find more details about EduWW Dual Enrollment on our page. Additionally, you can contact our education consultants at info@eduww.net, and they will provide you with all the necessary information.