How To Create a Safe Online Environment for Students To Learn?

Safe Learning Environment

Since day one, EduWW online school has been working on creating a safe environment for students to learn. We encourage diversity, uniqueness, and originality and teach our students to respect and learn about other cultures. At EduWW, there are no narrowing concepts as school districts, for example. We welcome students from all over the world, no matter their background, religion, or nation. They join together to learn and share their passions and aspirations in a judgment-free atmosphere. 

The tutoring support EduWW offers students is of great value as well. EduWW tutors are not only qualified and very thorough but also attentive, supportive, and incredibly thoughtful when it comes to teaching. It means students can feel safe when expressing themselves and sharing their stories, beliefs, or even worries. We work day and night on making them feel safe, accepted, and respected in our school.  

There is a lot of work to be done to build a healthy and safe learning environment. Some aspects depend on students, their surroundings, parents, and even technology. Whether you are a student or a worried parent, keep reading this article to find out what you can do on your part and what we as a school do on ours.

Classes as a Safe Space

Online education has many advantages. A huge one that first comes to mind is studying from the comfort of a home. It means that you don’t have to travel to school, face bullying, or maybe feel discomfort or timidness because of other pupils. You don’t have to worry about other kids misbehaving and uproar in the classroom. Online schools primarily practice working in smaller groups. EduWW online school even offers individual classes where you are alone with your tutor.

These especially come in handy since some students were bullied so much in previous traditional schools that their parents had to find a different option. Many of them were so fearful that, at first, they attended individual classes only.  Having one-on-one sessions with tutors helped them in different ways. They slowly regained their confidence and trust. With time they started going to group classes as well. With the help of welcoming and polite peers and a supporting tutor, they started feeling safe again.

However, some of the students choose to take individual classes only. That’s how impactful bullying and an unsafe environment can be. But, as a school, we feel fortunate that we can contribute to their education process in any shape or form.

Everything Starts at Home

There are a couple of things that students or their parents can do to make the learning experience more effective and productive. Creating a safe learning environment is a top priority. What does that mean? A healthy and safe learning environment implies having space, silence, and a calm atmosphere to study in. It means putting away phones, games, turning off the TV, etc. To put it simply, it’s all about making sure concentration is on a high level.

Other than that, our learning management system also focuses on students’ safety. Our platform is entirely safe to use. Only students and their tutors can access it. Every pupil has their own account protected by a password so no one else can obtain information about their progress other than them. All this contributes immensely to the feeling of safety in the education journey. 

Bonus Tip – Internet Safety Comes First

As a parent, you should always check what your child is up to on the internet. Many dangers are lurking on the web. Help them learn early on how to use it safely and for the right cause. On EduWW’s part, we made sure you don’t have to worry. Our online platform uses the most advanced encryption and data storage system. All information about our students is very well protected. 

A Tutor Can Be a Friend and Authority Simultaneously

Getting to know our students more personally has helped us a lot throughout the years. It makes the learning experience much easier for both tutors and students.  Since there is a physical distance in the learning process, it is essential to establish mutual respect and a friendly relationship early on. Our tutors introduce themselves as students’ friends at the very start. Such connection helps even in their later professional development.

This is what makes EduWW online school stand out among others.  When a child, or even students in higher education, perceive a tutor as a friend, they will feel safe and free to speak, ask questions, and share their thoughts about a particular subject. Students that transitioned from traditional schools sometimes get startled by our ways since they expect a tutor to be strictly a person of authority. Then they slowly learn that a tutor is there because of them and not vice-versa. 

When there is trust, pupils will often share personal information, such as what they do in their spare time, what they love to read or listen to. Our tutors use that to adapt to students’ needs and do everything in their power to create a healthy and safe environment for them to learn. Often students feel so close with tutors that they share serious problems they face, their parents even don’t know about. That shows you the best how important the pedagogical approach is. In conclusion, tutors have a much more significant role than you may think.  

Still Have Some Concerns?

On our behalf, EduWW does everything we can as a school to create a safe space for every student where everybody can be themselves and learn about themselves and the world around them. We have built a strong connection with our students throughout the years, and we will always aim to be even better. So, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our school administration at We hope to see you soon in our online