University Entry Level 3

All You Need to Know About Level 3

Level 3 is an entry-level university program in Business Management, and it is available at Education World Wide. The program is registered and qualified by the ATHE and Ofqual and carries 120 credits. Level 3 Diploma in Business Management allows students to apply for a full Undergraduate Degree program in a variety of universities in the UK. This program consists of six modules with six written assignments, and each module contains nearly 40 guided learning hours.

Level 3 program introduces you to basic concepts and management procedures necessary to work inside a business. It puts focus on how to work effectively as an individual, but also as a team member. Additionally, this program can help you develop excellent management skills that are essential for any business. 

University Entry Level 3

Who Is Eligible for Lever 3?

To be eligible for the Level 3 program, you must have at least 16 years. You must have a high school education, but you are not required to have a high school diploma. This program is suitable for individuals who like to enhance their business knowledge and eventually acquire a university degree or undergraduate level. 

What Will You Learn at Level 3?

This entry-level university program consists of six modules, and we will explain each of them in the continuation. 

Managing Business Operations

Managing business operations is of crucial importance to any business or company. Being effective in managing business operations will allow you to achieve your objectives and overall success. Through this module, you’ll be introduced to six aspects of managing business operations. 

Maximizing Resources

The way you use your resources will affect your profitability and overall achievements. By knowing how to be good at managing all your resources, you can achieve success, and vice-versa, if you are not good at it, you’ll face losses in profit. 

The Business Environment

As a manager, you’ll have to be fully aware of your working environment and understand how it operates. You will learn how to recognize factors that have an impact on the working environment, and what benefits the company can gain in such a situation. But, if you don’t know your business environment well, you won’t be able to decide on actions that need to be taken. In such a situation, your actions can do more harm than good to your business. 

Managing People in Organizations

Competent management of people within an organization is key to any company because it will allow you to reach business goals. Employees are an essential resource of the company, so as a manager, you’ll have to understand and respect their needs. 

Working in Teams

Teamwork is the most effective method for achieving the best performance of any member of the working environment. Therefore, all companies should use the benefits of team working. Teams can be in charge of a variety of activities within an organization – from creating ideas through financial decision making. This module will introduce you to various roles that teams can play in a company’s success. 

Effective Business Communication

Being a great communicator is almost a super skill in any organization because you’ll know how to pass information from one employee to another. As an effective communicator, you’ll improve the overall efficiency of the team and the company. In this module, you’ll learn about effective communication strategies in a work environment. 

Written Assignments

After you finish the above mentioned six modules, you will be given a written assignment for each of the modules. Assignments require that you write between 5000 and 8000 words on a given topic. 

The topics are: 

  1. Managing business operations
  2. Maximizing resources to achieve business success
  3. The business environment
  4. Managing people in organizations
  5. Working in teams
  6. Effective business communications

Progression to College With Level 3 Diploma 

Students who complete this program will acquire the Level 3 diploma, which is fully accredited by the ATHE and regulated by Ofqual. Level 3 diploma is sort of a substitution for a high school diploma and allows you to proceed to Undergraduate programs, or get a University Degree. 

EduWW students can also apply for Level 4 and Level 5 at our Online Business and IT academy before they move on to UK universities. But, you can also apply directly to a University Degree program in a variety of universities in the UK. 

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