Bachelor in IT and Computing

Bachelor in IT and Computing

Bachelor in IT and computing is a three-year study program that will equip you with knowledge and skills to kickstart your career as an IT professional.

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3 Years
The Final Bachelor's degree is issued by the University of Arden upon the successful finalization of the full program and assignments.


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3 years
360 credits
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Bachelor in IT and Computing

EduWW Online Business Academy offers a full Bachelor’s program in IT & Computing. This study program is delivered online and lasts three years. It has 24 modules, 20 written assignments, and a final project. Each module introduces students to a new topic from the IT industry. The learning material is stored on a single online learning platform, and it is delivered through text lessons, tests, written assignments, and videos (approximately 40 guided learning hours).

The first two years are Level 4 and Level 5 (ATHE accredited), while the final year is a top-up that leads to the Bachelor Honours Degree in IT & Computing. The programs that we offer are created by some of the best UK universities. Therefore, upon completion, a student receives a diploma issued by the university whose programs they followed, alongside a Level 5 Diploma by the ATHE. 

Online studies are fully flexible, and students have 24/7 access to the platform and learning material to learn whenever they want. They can organize studies around other obligations. For example, a student can easily combine work with studies without worrying that they will miss anything.

Career and Opportunities 

Online Bachelor in IT & Computing provides you with an understanding of essential IT and computing skills. You will explore the technology, methods, and growing trends in this ever-grown industry through your studies. This program will equip you with knowledge and skills that will enable you to execute your role in the IT industry confidently. You’ll know your way around system design and development and web-based solutions. You can work as: 

  • Software Engineer 
  • Application Programmer 
  • System Analysts
  • System Designer
  • IT Solutions Specialist
  • Web Developer 

To enroll in a full Bachelor IT & Computing study program, you must be at least 18 and have completed secondary education.


Entry Criteria

This study program is for students who do not have business or management qualifications but may at all. But it is also a flexible route for learners who have already achieved management qualifications at a lower level, for example, Level 3 or have qualifications in other areas or prior management experience.

Age: 18 +

Entry profile:

  • A GCE Advanced level profile with achievement in 2 or more subjects supported by five or more GCSEs at grades C and above
  • High School Diploma in case a student comes from a country that doesn’t follow the UK education standards
  • Other related Level 3 subjects
  • An Access to Higher Education Certificate delivered by an approved further education institute and validated by an Access Validating Agency
  • Other equivalent international qualifications

This program is excellent for those interested in studying IT and Computing and earning a BS Degree, from the first step. Throughout the studies, you will acquire an understanding of IT and develop key computing skills. It is suitable for those who have achieved IT qualifications at a lower level or have prior relevant work experience. This qualification is particularly relevant if you are seeking to progress to an MBA degree course in an area of computing or management or you wish to progress your career in an IT management role.


After completing a BS degree, you will have several progression opportunities. Learners may progress to:

  • a Level 7 Diploma
  • a postgraduate degree program in a higher education institution
  • employment in the IT sector

Does this qualification support progression to further learning?

After finalizing this program and getting a BS Honors, you can proceed to postgraduate studies. You can proceed to Level 7 or MBA studies. After acquiring MBA honors, you will significantly improve your knowledge and skills, and therefore career opportunities.

This qualification’s primary purpose is to acquire a BS Degree, after which you can continue with postgraduate education or find a job. Through this program, you will acquire knowledge and understanding of IT and develop key computing skills. Through your studies, you will explore the technology, methods, and growing trends in the world of computing. Furthermore, you will gain practical skills that will be of great importance in your career. After finalizing this program, you will be fully equipped with knowledge and skills so you can execute roles in the IT industry with confidence. Your area of expertise will be system design and development, as well as web-based solutions. BS Diploma will enable you to work as a Software Engineer, Application Programmer, System Analysts & Designers, IT Solutions Specialist, Web Developer.

Both Levels 4 and 5 have ten written assignments each. When a student completes the module, they will get access to the assignments. These assignments are approximately 3000-5000 words each.


The Assignment unit titles are:


  1. Management Information systems
  2. IT and Society
  3. Computer Systems and Software
  4. Computer Programming
  5. Relational Database Systems
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Systems Analysis and Design
  8. E-commerce Applications
  9. Human-Computer Interactions
  10. Information Systems Theory


  1. Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Professional Responsibilities in IT
  2. Network Design
  3. Web-Based Development
  4. Database Design And Development
  5. Relational Database Systems
  6. Innovative Technologies in Computing
  7. Computer Research Methods
  8. Managing a Computing Project
  9. Software Development Methodologies
  10. Strategic Management Information systems


After four modules at your final year top-up program, you will have a computing project. That project will allow you to show what you have learned in the previous years. It’s entirely up to you what you will do for your final project – whether it’s an experiment or a practical piece of work.

Assessment at Online Business Academy is a very straightforward process:

  • Once you complete an online module, you will have to complete an online assessment. This assessment contains 30 multiple-choice questions. You will have one hour to complete these questions, they are split into sets of five, so you will have plenty of time to review and edit your answers. After an hour, the test will automatically time out.
  • When you complete the test, you will get the results automatically. If you didn’t pass, you will receive a notification of a “refer” and will have to retake a module assessment. You can complete these modules at your own pace, as there is no deadline to complete the course.
  • After completing online modules, you can take the final written assignments that test your knowledge and understanding of the modules.

EduWW Online Business Academy offers high-quality UK programs at affordable tuition fees. The tuition fee differs depending on the study program. Additionally, we allow students to pay it in monthly installments.

Students are required to pay enrollment fees, as the first installment of tuition fees, in advance, and the rest will be divided into equal monthly payments. See the table below for more details.

We accept online payment and wire transfer. The tuition fee covers all our services. We will not impose any additional or hidden expenses on your behalf.

Program Tuition Fee Enrollment fee  Monthly installments Monthly fee
MBA 12,500.00 euros euros 700 euros 24 490 euros

Students are required to pay an enrollment fee of 700 € in advance, while the rest of the tuition fee 11,800.00€ can be paid in up to 24 installments, which is 490€ monthly.

The Bachelor’s course is consisting of Accredited Award by the ATHE, approved and regulated by OFQUAL as well as a University Degree Approved and Accredited by the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.


Qualification Title

ATHE Level 5 Diploma In Computing

Qualification Number


Qualification Status

Available to learners

Owner organization


Qualification Level

Level 5

European Qualification Framework Level

Level 5

You can find out more by clicking on the following Ofqual register link

Ofqual Register

The Final Bachelor’s degree is issued by the University of Arden upon the successful finalization of the full program and assignments.

You can check the Arden University UK Government approval by clicking on the following link:

Check if a university or college is officially recognized

  • Online Bachelor in IT & Computing Curriculum 

    1st Year 

    • IT and Society 
    • Computer Systems and Software 
    • Computer Programming 
    • Relational Database Systems
    • Software Engineering 
    • System Analysis and Design
    • E-Commerce Applications 
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Information Systems Project Management
    • Management Information Systems

    2nd Year 

    • Cyber Security
    • Database Design and Development 
    • Web-Based Development
    • Network Design
    • Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Professional Responsibilities in IT 
    • Strategic Management Information Systems 
    • Innovative Technologies in Computing 
    • Strategic Management Information Systems 
    • Innovative Technologies in Computing 
    • Computer Research Methods 
    • Computing Project Planning 
    • Software Development Technologies

    3rd Year 

    • Current Trends in Network 
    • Computer System Securities 
    • Management in IT 
    • E-Commerce Systems 
    • Computing Project 

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