Core and Elective Subjects in an Online School

Core and Elective Subjects in An Online School

Just as in traditional schools, core and elective subjects exist in online schools as well. Online schools are registered institutions as well. That means they use accredited curriculums that are valid. In EduWW online school, we aim to provide comprehensive knowledge to our students. With that being said, read this article to find out all you need to know about our programs.

We Got You Covered

There are many misconceptions about online private schools. People often worry about accreditations. Is there such a thing as an accredited online school? Are online high school diplomas valid for college? Some are worried that they aren’t as effective as traditional ones. There is also a concern is physical education even possible in online schools? Many people question are online schools somehow different in programs and do they offer as much as regular schools? To put it simply, online education functions just as well as a traditional one.

All of our programs are accredited in the United States of America, and we are registered as a school with the Florida Department of Education under the school code 4627. All of our documents are just as valid as traditional ones. Physical education is more than possible. On our platform, you can find photos, videos, and instructions on how to do different exercises that are good for your physical state. It is up to a student to keep up with them. 

As for the question of difference in programs, in EduWW school, no matter the degree program a student attends, it implies both core and elective subjects. Whether you are a pupil in elementary or middle school, or you are a high schooler interested in AP courses, we got you!

Core and Elective Subjects in an Elementary School

In our elementary program, students attend four core courses and up to two electives. All four core subjects last two semesters. As for the elective classes, duration varies between one and two semesters, depending on what pupils choose.

Our online programs are designed to provide thorough knowledge to students. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social studies are our four core subjects. In addition, pupils can choose two of these four elective subjects: health and physical education, art, music, and technology. When deciding what subject to choose, a student, or in this case, parents should consider the child’s interests and preferences. In that way, they can develop skills from a very young age or realize what they are good at. 

Many parents project their wishes and aspirations onto a child. To avoid that, parents should first talk with a child and consider their wishes and talents. 

Core and Elective Subjects in the Middle School

In our program for online middle school, students have even more options. Again, to make sure we covered basic education, our main courses encompass language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Of course, each is on a more advanced level of education than in elementary school. 

As for elective subjects that students can choose from, they have many options. They can choose two subjects of the following: Health and Physical Education, World Languages, Advanced Drawing, Art Appreciation, Basic Drawing, Beginning Painting, Character Education, Computer Basics, Music Appreciation, and Study Skills. Subject World Languages includes studying foreign languages. Besides English, that Language arts subject covers, you can learn German, Spanish and French, so there is something for everyone. 

For example, the Art Appreciation subject allows students to learn about the history of art, museum representation, etc. In that way, they can discover their talent and maybe pursue a career in that area later on. The whole point of online elective subjects is precisely that. It doesn’t apply to the art department only.

Core and Elective Subjects in the High School

As always, the program of our online high school offers four main courses: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. But, when it comes to elective subjects, there is a wide variety of online subjects to choose from. In addition, they are grouped in a way that high school students can choose according to their affinities. For standard electives, we offer Health and Physical Education and World Languages. As for the other, a student can choose from two groups: Career and Technology Electives and Additional electives. 

The first group consists of twelve subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Basic Web Design
  • Business Law
  • Career Planning
  • Computer Basics
  • Digital Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Intro to Business
  • JavaScript
  • Journalism
  • Media and Communication
  • Medicine

All of the above are highly perspective callings, so we made sure students have the opportunity to study them from early on. In case none of this fit inside some of the student’s interests, we made sure to include others in our second group of Additional electives: 

  • Advanced Drawing
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art History
  • Basic Drawing
  • Beginning Painting
  • Character Education
  • Child Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Music Appreciation
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Theater Studies

Since students are mostly very versatile, they can choose from both groups. They can choose one from the first and one from the second. They can choose both from one group. It all depends on their likings and taste. Whatever subject area you are interested in, among our online courses, there is something for everyone.

The Aftermath

We hope that we have answered all of your questions and put your worries to rest. There are many reasons why online learning is on the way to becoming the dominant method of education. Other than studying in the comfort of your home in a calm learning environment, there is more.

In our school, there is even a possibility of individual classes. Any elective courses that you choose, you can explore in private with your assigned tutor. In addition, all of our course materials are accessible during the whole year twenty-four-seven.

If you are interested in what we offer, or if you have any other questions, our consultants will be more than glad to send you our course catalog. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Dare to explore your interests and as we say in our school Sapere Aude.