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EduWW learning methodology for online schooling

What’s so Unique About EduWW Learning Methodology for Online Schooling?

Education World Wide (EduWW) is schooling kids for the 21st century. Our learning methodology turns students into proactive and respectful individuals, capable of answering to all challenges of a digital era. These programs are for students with different individual interests, and they prepare them to participate in the world around them. Online education is not …

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How Does K12 Online Education Works?

When we say online learning, many people think of higher education. But online learning programs are also available for children and teenagers. While traditional schooling is still the primary form of education, K12 online education is gaining in popularity. Tens of thousands of kids worldwide are finishing school online and get approved diplomas. In this …

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Those Who Dare to Know Will Have It All in 2020

Christmas is a time for giving, and all parents will do their best to give their children presents they like. Someone will get a doll, someone a phone, others will be happy with a bicycle, or a favorite toy under the Christmas tree. Yet, the best gift you can give to your children is education. …

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Education World Wide Globally Recognized Study Programs are in accordance to European Qualification Format (EQF) and UNESCO ISCED 2011 Standard. Level 1 Level 1 of the EQF and ISCED classification encompasses Primary School and begins at the age of compulsory education. (Level from 1st to 4th grade of K12 program – elementary school) Level 2 …

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University Partners

Education World Wide is focused to offer International Accredited and Recognized complete Education path with each of our steps we strive for the best solutions EDUCATION WORLD WIDE ONLINE UNIVERSITY IS ACCREDITED BY ATHE & OFQUAL REGULATED Online University Pathways Earning a full Degree or MBA is a simple  option with Education World Wide. Earn your …

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EduWW recognitions


Earn Your High School Diploma from an Accredited Online K12 Program At EDUWW, K12 program we stand above the crowd because we’re fully accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), an accrediting division of AdvancED, the world’s most trusted and recognized accrediting organization, representing over 32,000 schools. What …

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