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Studying abroad is a good experience for college students. You can learn something different from what you can learn at your college in your country. Universities abroad offer many courses which your university at home does not. Even if they offer similar courses, the content, concepts, and views covered and the assumptions and values they are based on may be different. Even if they are the same, studying them in a foreign language is different and worthwhile for language practice.

If you study abroad, you will study using a foreign language, which will be quite different from studying in your native language. You will study with friends from that country, and in many cases, you will study with friends from other countries as well, since many large universities abroad have many foreign students. Studying itself may be different. You may be required to read a lot; you will probably be expected to participate in discussions or/and make presentations in class; you may learn through doing something rather than just by reading and memorizing; you may need to write reports or do projects. In other words, you can expect something different in your learning experience, which you might find meaningful.

Living abroad itself can be a great experience for you. You will be on your own, and you need to take care of yourself. Your life will be quite different from your life in your native country, which will be quite challenging and interesting experience. You may live with a family or with friends in a dorm or an apartment. You will have many chances to get acquainted with local people.

You will also have opportunities to take part in many events on and off campus, where you will meet people and have new experiences with them. Universities have such academic and cultural events as lectures, movies, plays, concerts, and sports events. These experiences will help you understand the people and their culture better. You may find answers for your questions about them. It is much easier to understand their culture through experiences than just through books, movies, etc. Of course, you will have many, many opportunities to use the local language to communicate with people there, and your communication will be improved through living there.

Understanding a foreign language and culture helps you to understand your native language and culture better. You have thought many things natural, but you will learn that people in other countries do things differently–and they think that their ways of doing things are natural. You will understand characteristics of your native language and culture better. You may understand how your people are different from other people. If you pay more attention, you will understand people are the same even if they have different languages and cultures, but as the surface, there are some differences, which could be barriers for understanding and communication.

Studying abroad is a worthwhile experience in learning a foreign language and culture as well as studying your specialized field. It is not necessarily very expensive if you are studying in a developed country, and there are some scholarships for students from developing countries.

In order to make studying abroad more meaningful, it is important to consider the purpose very carefully. Do you want to obtain a degree, to study for credits, or study a language and culture?

You should seriously consider the advantages of studying abroad. If you want to do so, you need to prepare for it. You particularly need to study the language if you are thinking about getting credits or a degree.

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