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Get a first-class nutrition weight loss program & the truth about food addiction for you and others.


Stop all the confusion from the conflicting information about food and dieting. Learn the truth from scientific based knowledge and master the body’s cravings, hormone levels, increase metabolism and energy levels whilst equipping yourself with the truth behind sugar and fat in the body. Gain a firm understanding of how food can be an addiction and what can be done to overcome the unhealthy relationship with this ‘drug’. Build unique personalized nutrition programs and identify the needs of individuals and yourself.




  • Food Junkies – How Did We Get This Way?

We begin with a brief overview of how exactly we have lost our way on the road to good health. Are you an Apple, Pear, Pole or hourglass? Find out why it is important to recognize different body types and understand how and why the body stores the fat around our middle. Gain the truth about GI and the effects that Carbohydrates, Protein, and Sugar must play on insulin spikes causing cravings. In this lesson, we will look at how to manage blood sugar levels, the time of day you are most at risk of storing fat, eating patterns, and blood sugar balancing. By the end of this lesson you will be comfortable in knowing where to begin with scientific based knowledge about how the body functions in relation to food and food storage.


  • Crack the myth about Hunger Hormones and Metabolism

We all know if we eat too much we will store the excess calories as unwanted fat, but what about the other factors that influence where you store your fat? This lesson cracks the myths about the hunger hormones; can we influence them through eating certain foods? What causes them to trigger cravings in our brain? We will also analyze metabolism and establish whether we can manipulate our metabolism levels? Do certain foods help speed it up? We will also touch on thyroid function, looking at what foods help it function at its optimal level. Could you be one of the many suffering from an over or under active thyroid? By the end of this lesson you will be confident in knowing what to feed your body for optimum health.


  • FATS: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


In this lesson, you will have a better understanding of the good versus the bad fats. Fat is a very important part of our diet as it is needed for many physiological functions and support for the body but we need to be aware of the different sources of fat and the quantities we need to be taking. Understanding the body’s glycogen stores and how the size of fat cells matters. Do you know the best oils to use for making a salad dressing or cooking your vegetables? Let’s get the facts on oils and not destroy the healthy food with unhealthy cooking.


  • The Sugar Devil

Hooked on sugar? Lacking energy? Possible sugar addiction? Get the facts!

Sugar is forever getting positive and negative media time, but how much sugar is bad? Should we be giving it up altogether? What is it doing to the inside functioning of your body and what effect does sugar have on your brain- we are talking chemical reactions.

Let’s also get the true facts about fructose and fruit. How much fruit should we be having and which ones have a higher impact on GI and weight loss. Is too much fruit really bad for us? Or is fructose really that different to sucrose and its impact on the body? This lesson will empower you to feel comfortable that you have all the knowledge about the different sugar forms and what you should be eating.


  • Stop the Fad Diets for good & sort out your gut health

Are you tired of spending money on the latest diet pill? Are you irritable and frustrated that you can’t socialize without feeling guilty? Eating foods than you have banned leaves us feeling guilty which lead to binge eating and weight gain. This lesson looks at practical steps to planning your diet, popular diets sweeping the nation and why they haven’t worked. We will look at glycemic index versus glycemic load and find out what is best for you! How healthy is your Gut? Are you feeding your good bacteria? Understand the benefits of fermented food and where to find them? Why not learn how to grow your own. By the end of this lesson you will enjoy a new way of looking at foods and explore new menu ideas, leaving behind your dieting past!


  • Let’s get planning your diet

With the sound knowledge of what we have now gained from what qualifies as healthy balanced diet and work out more personalized diets. Whether you are a student, shift worker, work 9 to 5, retired or are a full-time career let’s look at case studies and make personalized diet plans using the nutritional software to find out much food to eat in relation to macro nutrients. Let’s explore some of the food favorites out there and analyze them to make healthier food swap ideas and improve food health without compromising on taste. Know what you should eat on the go? This great lesson will help you have an individualized eating plan without the hassle of worrying your portion size is too big. We will use visual pictorials to help you understand a portion size so you don’t have to carry your weighing scales in your bag.


  • Food Addiction & Binge Eating

It is not enough to know what we should be eating but now more than ever we need to consider why we are eating and how to implement supportive advice. In this lesson, we will have a deeper look at the psychology of eating and find out what are the triggers that cause us to eat. Why does food addiction happen and how to overcome it? We will find out the common barriers people come face to face with that cause us to fall off the healthy eating path. This lesson provides you with the tools to understanding emotional and environmental triggers to provide encouragement and steps to overcome the issues. We will provide you with the skills to help others make changes.


  • Tips to staying on track and fill the Cupboard

Are you the type of person to eat on the run? When was the last time you planned your food for the week, or made a shopping list? Let’s get our store cupboard essentials in! You will walk away feeling satisfied that you have the knowledge of good food, how to best prepare it. We will look at comfort food, why we crave it and how can we change it.

We will provide tips of how not to fail and look at the worst foods out there you wouldn’t have thought! We will have a look at the must do’s and don’ts as a Weight Loss Advisor. We will also have a look at how you have progressed throughout the course – taking some case study diet diaries and evaluating them. At the end of this lesson you will have a clear goal for yourself or your clients. Developed a client program and feel confident in yourself and ready to step out and help others alike.

Let’s say good bye to the tired, irritable, sluggish you and, get energized and excited about health for yourself and others.

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